Sidebar Product

1. Configure Sidebar Product option

In Theme Customize, go to Product page > Sidebar Product option to configure the Product sidebar in the Single Product page.
  • Enable layout drawer checkbox: tick on this checkbox to enable the drawer layout.
  • Space bottom option: Configure the space bottom of the sidebar here.
Some configurations of the options below only work when disabling the layout drawer:
  • Sidebar size: configure the size for the product sidebar here.
  • Border style: Choose a style for Sidebar's border here. We have 3 border styles for you to choose.
  • Border color: Set color for Sidebar's border here.
3 options below only work when you enable border for sidebar:
  • Border radius/ Padding inner: Set border-radius & padding inner for the sidebar here.

2. Blocks in the Sidebar Product option

The Sidebar product option have total 10 blocks for you to add to the sidebar:
  • Categories
  • Featured Products
  • Image
  • Shipping Delivery
  • Gallery
  • Instagram feed
  • Recent Post
  • Custom HTML
  • Text
  • Social
With Image, Custom HTML and Text block, you guys can add more than 1 time to the Product sidebar.
When you add each block to the sidebar, the right settings sidebar (of that block) will show, and allow you to configure the sidebar block to follow what you want. You can see some example images below:
Categories block
Featured Products block
Image block
With the Instagram feed block, you need to connect your Instagram account via access token or using a 3rd party app here. Otherwise, the Instagram images will not show on the Product sidebar.
With other blocks sidebar, you can configure following options on the right settings sidebar of that block.
In the front page, the sidebar will look like the video below:

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