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Sticky Toolbar mobile

1. Settings

When customers visit your website by their phone, this section allows the toolbar to stick on mobile devices. From the Sections Sidebar > Sticky Toolbar mobile section.
When you open the Sticky Toolbar mobile, you can do some configuring:
  • Enable sticky toolbar mobile: Turn on this option to display the sticky toolbar mobile.
  • Show text under icon: This option allows you to show text under these icons.
Please follow this video below for detail

2. Content

These are some blocks that are automatically set when you enable Sticky Toolbar Mobile. To change the title or remove it, click on the block that you want to adjust. To add more blocks, click on the arrow button next to Sticky Toolbar Mobile > Add block.
Please read these guidelines below to understand the details about the blocks on Sticky Toolbar mobile.
  • Shop: You can add a title and a link or a collection here (optional).
  • Wishlist:
  • In this block, Wishlist Local is set as default, if you want to change the Wishlist type, go to Wishlist mode from General Product > Theme settings
Note: Wishlist Account (Nitro Wishlist App) and Growave Wishlist have to be installed.
  • Cart
  • Account
  • Search
  • Filter
Note: It only appears when the page has ‘Filter’. If you want to add Filter,
  • Compare: First, you have to enable compare function. Please go to Theme settings > General Product > Compare > Enable compare
  • Blog: Add a blog that you want to introduce to your customers here.
  • Sidebar
Note: It only shows when the page has a ‘Sidebar Collection’.
  • Menu: If you add Menu, it will be synchronized with Moblie Menu.
  • Home: This block allows customers to back to the top of the page.
  • Link Custom: You can add a link custom here.
All blocks mentioned before are only enabled to use the default icon, if you want to add your own icon or image, you can adjust in Link Custom (unlimited quantity).
For example, you can add the "Chat" link on the Sticky Toolbar mobile

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