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Main Collection

The main collection is the collection you choose to display on the collections page. There are many features to help you customize it, follow this article.

1. General Options For Main Collection


  • Show description collection: This option allows you can show the description of the collection.
  • Position description collection: You can select the description shown before or after the main collection.
Description Collection
  • Product item design: You have 6 designs for product items. Please follow this video and choose it:
Product item design
  • Show product vendors: When you enable this option, you can show the vendors.
Show Product Vendors
To add product vendors, please click on Products -> Product Vendor.
Add Product Vendor
  • Show product countdown: This option allows you to show the countdown for the product. You need to configure the Countdown Metafield and then add the date and time in each product. Please follow the guideline.
Show Product Countdown


  • Image ratio: Aspect ratio custom will be set in the general panel.
Image ratio
  • Image size: This option allows you can select the size of the image. These settings do not apply to the image ratio of "Adapt to Image".
Image Size
  • Image position: You can change the position of the image. Similar to the image size, it does not apply to the image ratio of "Adapt to Image".
Image Position
  • Product content align: You can change the alignment of the product content.
Product Content Align
  • Maximum products to show: This feature helps you limit the number of products to show on 1 page.
  • Enable list switch /Set list view as default: Two options will help you enable the list switch and set list as the default for the collection page.
  • Items per row: You can set the limitation of the products per row. It has a few options to set on many devices.
  • Space horizontal items/Space vertical items: You can change the vertical and horizontal spacing between products. These options are available on Desktop and Mobile devices.
  • Layout design: There are two types of Grid and Masonry for layout.


  • Pagination: This option allows you to change the design of pagination. There are 3 types of Default, "Load more" button, and Infinite Scrolling.
Pagination Default
Pagination "Load more"
And Infinite Scrolling, you can scroll until all of the Collection's products show up.
  • Enable progress bar?: Only active when you use 'Load more' or 'Infinite scrolling'.
Enable Progress Bar?
  • Enable button icon: You can enable this option to show the icon of Load more and Infinite Scrolling button.
Enable Button Icon
  • Button style: This option helps you to change the style of the button. There are 4 types of Default, Outline, Bordered Bottom, and Link.
Border Style
  • Button size: You can customize the size of the button that you want.
Button Size
To customize the Custom Color, please click on Button config.
Button Config
  • Button color: Changes the color of the button.
Button Color
  • Button hover effect: You can add the effect for button when you hover. It only works when the button style is Default and Outline.
Button Hover Effect
  • Button position: You can change the position of the button Left, Center, and Right.
Button Position


  • Layout: There are 3 types of layout Container, Wrapped Container, and Full-width.
  • Background/Background gradient/Background image options allow you to design the background of the top list Collection.
  • Margin/Padding: These options if you do not use them, you can blank.
Design Options

1.3. Theme options

  • Enable 'product url has link collection': This option helps you to remove “collections/collection-name” from the URL and make it lead to “product”. It means the URL will be changed from “your domain/collections/collection-name/products/product-name to “your domain/products/product-name”.
Enable Product Url Has Link Collection
  • Maximum images to show: This option will show 1 image when you select "1" and show 2 images (second product image item) when you select "2". You can see this option when you hover the product image items.
Maximum Images To Show
  • Wishlist mode: Our theme supports many Wishlist app. You can see the list and to the wishlist app work, please install the app and integrate it with our theme.
Wishlist mode
Size list position
Enable Color Swatches
  • Price varies style: You can select the style to show for the Collection page.
From Price
From Price To Price
  • Reviews app: You can select one app to show your product review. Please install the app and integrate it with our theme. You can follow this guideline.
Review App
Option Content

2. Main Options

2.1. Filters

You are allowed to set the Filter style as Hidden sidebar or Filters area.
Hidden sidebar:
Filters area:
Storefront filters allow you to set up product filtering on your search and collection pages. When you enable filtering, customers can filter your products by availability, product type, color, or other options to find the products that interest them the most.
You can customize filters for your store here:
Filter Products
Filter products: You can go to Navigation from the Shopify admin page to add the filter you want or click on the link which was posted here.
Filter style color: If you want to have the style color. Separate by a comma, i.e “label1, label2, label3”.
Filter Style Color
Filter style tag: If you want the filter showing the tags, you can add the tags in the product and then fill them here.
Filter Style Tag

2.2. Layout switch

This option allows you can show list layout switches for your customers. There are many types of switches, you try to change the layout of the collection page.
To show the list switch please enable it in the Main Collection.
Note: It does not work with Layout Masonry.
Layout Switch

2.3. Sort by

This feature helps you to sort products by filters and makes it easy for customers to find products.
Sort By

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