Product Items

From the Sections Sidebar > Product Items. The setting will apply for the product grid on Home page, Collection page, Product Recommendation & product recently viewed on the Product page.

1. Settings


Helps you configure the style of the title with options for Style(Text-transforrm), Font-Family, Font-Size, Font-Weight, Line-Height and Letter-Spacing.


Helps you configure the style of the price with options for Price Size and Font-Weight.


This allows you to change the Space between images and content, Space between elements of content and Swatch size (both on Mobile & Desktop).


You can set the button round corners for the buttons in product items as Add to Cart, Quick Shop, Quick View, or Select options.


This allows you to change the color and color on hover for the title, price, and vendor of the product items.
You can also change the countdown primary color, background color, countdown opacity, color overlay, and color overlay opacity for the countdown.

2. Product Design

First, on the homepage, in each section, you can choose the Product Item Design from General Options that the theme provides for the product items. From here, the theme provides eight product item designs.
Second,you can preview and customize the design product item by going to the Configs Page > Product Items. You can use the default setting or configure it as you want.
Please follow this video below for details:

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