Instagram feed API

This section allows you to get basic profile information, photos, and videos in your Instagram accounts

From Theme Section Sidebar -> Add section Instagram feed API

1.Instagram feed API settings


  • Maximum photos to show: You can set number of Instagram photos to show on your store.

  • Open link in: You can choose between New window and Current window.

  • Layout design: You can choose between Grid and Carousel.

  • Rounded corners for images: You can adjust the roundness for the photos.

  • Photos per row: Set number of photos display each row.

  • Spaces between photos: You can set spaces between photos.


  • Image ratio: Aspect ratio custom will settings in general panel.

  • Image size: This settings apply only if the image ratio is not set to 'Adapt to image'.

  • Image position: The first value is the horizontal position and the second value is the vertical. This settings apply only if the image ratio is not set to 'Adapt to image'.

  • Enable loop: At the end of cells, wrap-around to the other end for infinite scrolling.

  • Autoplay speed in second: Set is ‘0’ to disable autoplay.

  • Pause autoplay on hover: Auto-playing will pause when the user hovers over the carousel.

1.4.Prev next button

  • Use prev next button: Creates and show previous & next buttons.

  • Visible: You can choose between Always visible or Only hover.

  • Button style: You can set style for prev/next button.

  • Button shape: You cans set button shape for prev/next button (Not working with button style 'Simple').

  • Button color: You can set color for prev/next button.

  • Button size: You can set size for prev/next button.

  • Hidden buttons on mobile: This option allows you to disable prev/next button on mobile.

1.5.Page dots

  • Hidden dots on mobile: This option allows you disable dots on Mobile versions.

  • Dot between horizontal: You can adjust space between dots.

  • Enable dots round: This option allows you to change the dots square to dots round.

  • Dots color: You can set color for dots.

  • Dots style: You can set style for dots.

  • Use page dots: Creates and show page dots.


  • Layout: You can choose between Container, Full width and Wrapped container.

  • Background: You can change the background color for this section.

  • Background gradient: You can change the background gradient color for this section.

  • Margin, Padding: You are allowed to change both of them for this section.

2.Title type

  • Design heading: There are a variety of designs for you, please try each all.

  • Heading align: You can set positions Left, Center or Right for heading.

  • Heading: You can add the heading title for this Lookbook section.

  • Enter a icon name on heading: You can choose the icon that you want to add in this LineAwesome and paste the name in here (Only used for design 6).

  • Subheading: You can add the sub title for this Lookbook section.

  • Space bottom (px): You can set the vertical spacing between heading and content.

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