How to enable/disable "Tax included. Shipping calculated at checkout"?
This text is required for some stores from Germany or France. If you don’t want to show this text, please follow these steps:

1. From Kalles version 4.0.4

There is an option added in these versions. If you want to disable the text, you just need to go to Product Page (Default) > Product Main > Product Price, Review > Disable "Show tax and shipping information".
If you only want to change the text, please scroll to the end of this article "ANOTHER WAY" to refer more.

2. Upto Kalles 4.0.3

  • Step1: From Shopify Admin > Go to Settings > Taxes and duties > All Prices include tax > Enable/Disable.
  • Step2: From Shopify Admin > Go to Settings > Policies > Delete text in “Shipping policy“.
ANOTHER WAY (All versions)
If you want to delete “Tax included. Shipping calculated at checkout”, or even change text for them. Please, from Theme custom > Click on three-dotted in the head > Choose Edit Language > Product > Scroll down to find the text > Delete/ Edit them.

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