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How to update the theme ?

Updating the theme will remain the settings and data from the old version to the new one. However, the custom code and apps are not. After updating, you need to rebuild the custom code and integrate the apps again to the new theme.

1. Can I update from Kalles 1.x.x, 2.x.x, 3.x.x to Kalles 4.x.x?

You cannot update from Kalles 1.x.x, 2.x.x, 3.x.x to Kalles 4.x.x because the theme structure (core) of the versions is different. Kalles versions 3 and 4 are Shopify 2.0 compatible themes, Kalles versions 1 and 2 are not. That means if you want to upgrade your current version, you will have to rebuild your site.
You might consider that if your old version is stable then you should keep it. Meanwhile, you can install the new version and rebuild it in Draft mode. In this process, you can also refresh the content or design for your online store. When everything is done, you can publish it replacing the old version.
Information about updated versions will be notified by Envato via your email.

2. Move the theme configuration

Please follow the steps below to move the theme configuration:
Step 1: Open the old theme. Click Theme actions -> Edit code -> Open settings_data.json file -> Copy the entire code on this file.
Then paste it into the same file of the new theme.
Step 2: Move index.json file. You can do the same as you did with settings_data.json file.
Step 3: You also need to copy the .json files with a green dot in Templates folder. These are changed files and you will paste them to the new theme.

3. Move the translation file

If your store Multilingual Languages and you configured the translation files. You can copy it to the new store, please follow the steps below.
Step 1: Open the old theme version. Click Edit code -> Open the Locales folder. Opening the language file you are using and copy the translation file.
Step 2: Open Edit code -> Locales Folder and then Add a new locale with the language you copied it. You will paste it into the locale file.
Note: If you use EComposer in the theme, after updating the theme you will access the EComposer app again and "Choose a theme to work on". Finally you will access the created section or page and Save the page or Publish it.

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