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Product Quickview

If you want customers to be able to view your products without having to go to the Product Page, you can enable the Product Quickview option on the Frontpage. This option allows customers to view all of your product details without being redirected to the Product page, allowing them to save time and have a better shopping experience in your store.

1. Enable Quickview option

If you want to configure for Quickview, please enable it on Theme settings first. Please from Theme custom > Go to Theme settings > Product Items > Tick on Enable Quick view.

2. Product Quickview Settings

  • Choose a product demo: This product helps you see how your Quickview looks like.
When you click on Quick view on all products on Theme custom, it only shows a product demo. Quickview product will show right product on Live/Preview.
  • Media ratio: You can change it to change Product Quickview ratio. Moreover, you can also change Media Position and Media Ratio Size.
  • Use prev next button: Creates and shows previous & next buttons.
  • There are so many other options for you to change the styles of these buttons. Including Visible, Styles, Shapes, Color, Size.
  • If you feel that don't need these buttons on Mobile version, you can turn them off by an option named Hidden buttons on mobile.

2. Product Quickview content

2.1. Product title

  • You are allowed to change Style, Font family, Font size, Font weight, Line height, Letter spacing, Color for Product title.

2.2. Product Price, Review

  • Price variant settings: You can choose among None, From $39 which represents the lowest price and $39 to $59 which represents the lowest price - the highest price.
  • In addition, there are many other options that help you configure for Save badge type, Show tax and shipping information, Snippets Liquid, Font weight, Size, and Color for Product price.
  • Use rating: If you want to show Rate on Product Quickview (also on other pages), you must install an app to show Review. Please go to Theme settings > General product > Scroll down to choose a Review app.

2.3. Description

  • You are allowed to change for Description mode, Enter description, Excerpt length, Enable Read more button.

2.4. Product Form

  • Selector type: You can choose type for any variants (except color) here.
  • Color selector type: You can choose many other types of color variants here!
  • Enable to adapt to first swatch image variant: Enable this option to show the first variant image.
  • Moreover, you can choose to Show quantity, Wishlist, Compare, Full width button or not.
  • There are many options here for you to change Add To Cart button style, including Add to cart animation, Loop time, Button trasform text, Button Icon, Button style, etc.
  • After choosing the Show Dynamic check out button for Quickview, you can adjust Button transform text and button color.
  • This is the outstanding feature of Kalles 4 compared with the previous versions. In this version, you just need to choose products directly for Advanced product and Group product instead of doing many steps as before.

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