From Theme Settings -> CART
In this setting, you can customize some features for Shopping Cart Widget and Cart Page.

1.Min quantity cart

This option is used for setting the minimum quantity value in the Cart page and Shopping Cart Widget. Has two values:
  • “0” : If you set it is “0”, you will see a Remove icon to remove product with quantity in cart is One.
  • “1“ : If you set the value to “1”, Customers cannot reduce the quantity of products to “0”.

2.Edit item mode

On the Cart page or Cart widget, when you add a product with variants to the cart, this option allows you edit the product variant that you added.
  • If you choose “Replace old item“, a popup will show when you click “Edit this item” on the cart. You can select another variant and click on “REPLACE ITEM” button to replace the old variant that you added earlier.
  • If you choose “Add new item“, when you clicking on “Edit this item” button on the cart and select another variant, you can add that variant to the cart without replace the old one.

3.Free shipping minimum amount

This option allows you to set the minimum shipping amount for Customers, that means when Customers reach to that minimum amount, they will have free shipping offer.
Notice: Free shipping minimum amount needs to be set up as a product, please follow this Article before configure this feature.

4.Design free shipping bar

This option have many selections for you to change the Design free shipping bar animation like what ever you want.

5.Enable confetti when got free shipping

This option will popup the Confetti when Customers reach Free Shipping offer.

6.Gift wrap

This option allows you add product to the Gift wrap in Shopping Cart Widget.

7.Taxes and shipping info

This option allows you to add a link into "Shipping" word on Shopping Cart Widget and Cart page, you can check it by hover to the "Shipping" word.

8.Terms and conditions checkbox

This option allows you to add a link into "terms and conditions" word on Shopping Cart Widget and Cart page, you can check it by hover to the "terms and conditions" word.

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