Below are details of the updates we made in Kalles new version, you can watch to better understand what we have accomplished.

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V4.1.5 release 04/05/2023

V4.1.4 release 22/03/2023

  • ADDED: NEW HOMEPAGE - Electronic

  • ADDED: NEW SECTION - Collections List simple

  • IMPROVED: JS, CSS, Liquid

  • FIXED: Input style, Review, Login

V4.1.3 release 22/02/2023

  • ADDED: NEW HOMEPAGE - Furniture 4

  • ADDED: NEW SECTION - Collections Carousel


  • IMPROVED: Toolbar Mobile

  • IMPROVED: JS, CSS, Liquid

  • FIXED: Lazysize, Pre-order, Alert form

V4.1.2 release 18/01/2023

V4.1.1 release 29/12/2022

  • FIXED: Shipping money when the cart empty on the cart page

  • FIXED: Sticky add to cart

v4.1.0 release 09/12/2022

v4.0.5.1 release 29/10/2022



  • ADDED: Social icon Spotify

  • ADDED: NEW OPTION – Config free shipping bar color stage

  • IMPROVED: Code liquid on section main-search.liquid

  • IMPROVED: Code liquid on section main-product.liquid

  • IMPROVED: Speed load font icon

  • IMPROVED: Quantity images load

  • FIXED: Section featured-collection2.liquid error with image secondary

  • FIXED: Quickshop error on product item design 6

  • FIXED: Theme settings config

  • FIXED: Some CSS, JS issues

v4.0.5 release 08/08/2022

  • ADDED: NEW OPTION – Slider effect on section product

  • ADDED: NEW OPTION – Quick view type

  • ADDED: Product Recommendations on slide cart

  • ADDED: NEW OPTION – Position button icon on Shopping cart widget

  • ADDED: NEW OPTION – Truncate product title with ellipsis

  • ADDED: NEW OPTION – Use Bootstrap CSS

  • ADDED: NEW OPTION - Add the HTML tag for the text of Slideshow Section

  • IMPROVED: Slider use transform or left/right positioning for less CLS (cumulative layout shift) warnings.

  • IMPROVED: Currency source code

  • FIXED: The image issue on Mobile Categories section

  • FIXED: DESIGN OPTIONS in Newsletter section

  • FIXED: Fullwidth layout issue in RTL languages

  • FIXED: Price bar filter issue in RTL languages

  • FIXED: Inventory Quantity issue on Pre-Order product

  • FIXED: The icon doesn't appear on Add To Cart button

  • FIXED: Some CSS issues

v4.0.4 release 14/07/2022

v4.0.3 release 20/06/2022

  • ADDED: NEW HOME – New Tool

  • IMPROVED: Locate position center on megamenu

  • ADDED: NEW SECTION – Banner with navigation

  • ADDED: NEW SECTION – Collections list simple

  • ADDED: NEW OPTION – Product item hover effect

  • IMPROVED: Exit product popup

  • FIXED: Some small js, css, liquid issue.

v4.0.2 release 14/06/2022

  • ADDED: NEW FEATURE – Advance Product Type

  • ADDED: OPTION - Always Visible Sticky Add To Cart

  • ADDED: OPTION - Product Group Media Support Multi Language

  • FIXED: Mega, Dropdown Menu

  • IMPROVED: Background color for body on mobile device

  • FIXED: Language Selector

  • FIXED: Product layout on product page

  • FIXED: Product tabs accordion issue

v4.0.0 release 10/06/2022

  • Better Core with better performance

  • Smaller theme size

  • Compatible with EComposer (install theme, install app will auto see Kalles's layout build with EComposer)

  • Enhance Ask a question by adding product image, title instead just a form

  • New way to config megamenu, FBT, Grouped Product

  • UPDATED: home Dronze

  • More Product grid layout

  • More animation

  • Change UI / UX of some features

  • Full support section all page

  • Change UI / UX of pickup availability

  • New way to config swatch color

  • New way to config product tab description, added product tab description on sidebar

  • IMPROVED: Product Video, 3D, AR models

  • Change UI / UX of Back in stock notification

  • Change UI / UX of Ask a question

  • Change UI / UX of quickShop

  • IMPROVED: product group media

  • IMPROVED: Sale popups

  • IMPROVED: cookies laws

v3.2 release 02/03/2022

  • UPDATED: Fuction js format Money

  • IMPROVED: Code sort by collection

  • INTEGRATIONS: Product Reviews

  • FIXED: Error calc Total price FBT on firefox

  • FIXED: Hide delivery time with "pre-order" on product has one variant

  • FIXED: Link error on menu mobile, categroies

  • FIXED: Option disable show color on product item not working

  • FIXED: Wrong text load more on Blog and Portfolio page

  • ADDED: NEW HOME – New furniture 3


v3.1.1 release 28/01/2022

  • ADDED: Config color page heading

  • ADDED: Show Size variant on loop

  • ADDED: Slider for section collection banner

  • ADDED: The layout of Shipping section on mobile

  • ADDED: Breadcrumb for Collection page

  • ADDED: Option round image on 3 section: Collection list, Text columns with images and Text columns with images

  • ADDED: Responsive table on mobile for table description

  • FIXED: Not show background color on mobile

  • FIXED: Sticky add to cart error layout with boxed layout

  • FIXED: Hidden sort by no working when use sidebar

  • FIXED: Link from wishlist page error when use Growave app

  • FIXED: Text misspelled on admin config

  • FIXED: Top Categories collection on Mobile not working when click

  • FIXED: Not hidden buy now on mobile when enabled no pick variant

  • FIXED: small error custom liquid on section description

v3.1.0 release 06/01/2022

  • UPDATED: Add block 'Collection list Parent' on mobile menu

  • UPDATED: Add block 'Menu list Parent' on mobile categories

  • DEPRECATED: Config 'Choose which page to show when customers register sucess in to your online store'

  • UPDATED: All Demo Data Files

  • REMOVED: Folder Kalles 2.7.4 from package

v3.0.1 release 02/12/2021

  • ADDED: Block type 'collapsible' on section product page

  • ADDED: Hot key search

  • UPDATED: Home New Furniture, Home New Fashion, Home Furniture on Kalles 3.0

  • FIXED: Height slider when element loaded after when slider intalled before

  • FIXED: Shows 404 page not found after creating an account when choose page

  • FIXED: With "infinite scrolling" and "load more" the product text for Design 2 is NOT centered inside after loaded products

  • FIXED: Not show sidebar config on collection page (admin editor)

  • FIXED: Error video html5, AR on product page

v3.0.0 release 24/11/2021

  • BIG UPDATE: Separate version 3.0 with support Shopify OS 2.0

  • UPDATE: Update for old version v2.7.4

    • UPDATED: Show barcode on product page

    • IMPROVED: Code liquid, JS

    • FIXED: Article tempalte date

v2.7.3 release 07/09/2021

  • UPDATED: Small css

  • IMPROVED: Edit item on cart

  • FIXED: Dropdown Cart on RTL

  • FIXED: Product recommendations section with by collection

  • FIXED: Filter not working on collection page has sub collection

v2.7.2 release 24/07/2021

v2.7.1 release 29/06/2021

  • ADDED: NEW OPTION –Show Description on sub-collection

  • ADDED: NEW OPTION – Hide Delivery Time with 'pre-order'

  • ADDED: NEW OPTION – Show button size chart on variant name size

  • IMPROVED: Header 8 add sub menu, options,...

  • IMPROVED: Some CSS, JS, Code liquid

v2.7 released 23/06/2021

  • ADDED: NEW HOME - New fashion

  • ADDED: NEW FEATURE – Page Brands

  • ADDED: NEW OPTION – Header space for header transparent

  • ADDED: NEW BLOCK – Currencies, languages on footer bottom

  • ADDED: Config show price with product tag 't4_hide_price_grid' or 't4_hide_price'

  • ADDED: Quickview button on FBT

  • FIXED: Currency style small error

  • IMPROVED: Some CSS, JS, Code liquid

v2.6.1 released 03/06/2021

  • ADDED: NEW FEATURE – Hidden sidebar quickview

  • IMPROVED: Some small JS, CSS issue

  • FIXED: Small CSS Cart dropdown not show on tablet

  • FIXED: Small CSS RTL product grid item on mobile

  • ADDED: Home Barber

v2.6 released 19/05/2021

  • ADDED: NEW BLOCK – Image child on section Slideshow, Image with text overlay, Hero video, Banner Custom 2

  • ADDED: NEW BLOCK – Countdown timer on section Slideshow Image with text overlay, Hero video, Banner Custom 2

  • FIXED: Small error when use native multiple languages

  • Home Sport Accessories

  • Home Bakery

v2.5.1 released 07/05/2021

  • Fix some small JS, CSS issue

v2.5 released 04/05/2021

  • ADDED: NEW SETTINGS – Product Item button design

  • ADDED: NEW BLOCK - Add block size guide in section Tab Descriptions

  • ADDED: NEW FEATURE - Label custom tag support class with first number, eg: 24 hour, 48 hour

  • FIXED: Small error JS

  • FIXED: Pickup availability not showing on Quickview

  • ADDED: NEW SETTINGS – Product Item button design

v2.4.1 released 27/04/2021

  • ADDED: NEW FEATURE – Product Recommendations on cart widget

  • ADDED: NEW OPTION – Show/Hide confetti when got free shipping

  • ADDED: NEW OPTION – Enable/Disable zoom popup on mobile

  • FIXED: JS error when no use collection filter

  • FIXED: Able to checkout with Google Pay, PayPal even leaved checkbox blank

  • FIXED: Count review on section Testimonials.liquid

v2.4 released 16/04/2021

  • ADDED: NEW FEATURE – Config image size on search widget With the previous version, the Product Photo on the search results page will not be scaled. However, with version 2.4 we provide the ability to adjust the aspect ratio of the product to create uniformity throughout the store. Result:

  • FIXED: Not shown recent view product on admin editor

  • IMPROVED: CSS hover effect mega menu

  • ADDED: NEW FEATURE – Free shipping bar Create more authentic feel when adding free shipping bar. Visually display the amount a customer needs to buy more to get free shipping. Config: & Result: & Make 22 style free shipping bar: &

  • IMPROVED: Add google map to about us, contact page Contact page: About us page: & >> Add check google map Pickup Availability. Result:

  • FIXED: Config overlay on section Hero video, Image with text overlay not working

  • ADDED: NEW FEATURE – Increase cart expiry from 2 hours to 2 days maximum. We increase cart storage time from 2 hours up to 2 days in order to store products longer, customers will see products in cart more times. This is a psychological effect that can help increase sales. Result:

  • FIXED: Text not translate

  • IMPROVED: JS sticky add to cart on product page

v2.3 released 29/03/2021

  • ADDED: Home Fashion 11

  • ADDED: Home Flower 2

  • ADDED: Product Detail Layout 4

  • ADDED: HTML version in the package

  • IMPROVED: Section banner 3

  • IMPROVED: Section Header 4

  • IMPROVED: Theme Settings Typography

  • FIXED: Not show close button quickview on mobile

  • FXIED: Photo popup product page error on mobile

  • ADDED: NEW SECTION – Promo Text

v2.2.2 released 22/03/2021

  • ADDED: Config color header hover

  • ADDED: Config font size heading h1-h6

  • IMPROVED: Config background image for the section

  • IMPROVED: Style CSS countdown in product grid/list

  • IMPROVED: Code liquid check label sale FIXED: Section newsletter issue

  • FIXED: Change URL load more

  • FIXED: Some small issue

v2.2.1 released 12/03/2021

  • ADDED: NEW FEATURE - Support Vimeo video on product page

  • UPDATED: Waypoint jQuery to 3.6.0 IMPROVED: Stock quantity on product page

  • IMPROVED: Deprecating Sass in themes

  • FIXED: Pick up the available error when use product sticky on the product page

v2.2 released 2/03/2021

  • ADDED: NEW DEMO - Home Watches

  • ADDED: NEW DEMO - Home Bicycle

  • ADDED: NEW FEATURE – allows you to return to the location of the previous collection page when pressing the back button

  • IMPROVED: Speed optimization

  • IMPROVED: Config mega menu

  • IMPROVED: Code optimization FIXED: Small issue on JS, CSS

v2.1 released 20/01/2021

  • ADDED: NEW FEATURE – Swatch limit click expand

  • ADDED: NEW FEATURE – Section custom section 2

  • IMPROVED: Javascript add, edit to cart

  • ADDED: Demo Furniture 2

  • ADDED: Demo Plant 2

v2.0.2 released 04/01/2021

  • IMPROVED: Optimize mobile experience on the product page, slider

  • FIXED: JS issue when enable Currency by The4 with AUD

v2.0.1 released 30/11/2020

  • FIXED: Small issue on filter variants

  • FIXED: Small issue on compare page

  • FIXED: Small issue on product thumb bottom/left/right

v2.0 released 24/11/2020

  • ADDED: NEW FEATURE – Auto enable RTL when using the Arabic language

  • ADDED: NEW FEATURE – Compare

  • Added: NEW FEATURE – Config placeholder for the product no image

  • ADDED: NEW FEATURE – Bordered grid

  • ADDED: NEW FEATURE – Limit swatch

  • ADDED: NEW FEATURE – Search dropdown

  • ADDED: NEW FEATURE – List view

  • ADDED: NEW FEATURE – Pickup availability

  • ADDED: NEW SECTION – Text columns with image 2

  • ADDED: NEW DEMO – Home Shoes

  • ADDED: Social Follow TikTok

  • IMPROVED: Section featured product

  • IMPROVED: Custom background color in full width layout

  • IMPROVED: Section Daily Deal Of The Day

  • IMPROVED: Focus input search when opened popup search

  • IMPROVED: Footer config color

  • UPDATED: Dark style option for featured product

  • FIXED: Device.js error on Mac

  • FIXED: Button buy now not like style button add to cart

  • UPDATE: Instagram social in About Us page:

  • ADDED: NEW DEMO - Home Jewelry

v1.5.4 Released 12/10/2020

  • FIXED: Metafield issue

v1.5.3 Released 01/10/2020

  • FIXED: Active license issue

v1.5.2 Released 29/09/2020

  • FIXED: Small issue on the latest Safari

  • ADDED: Product name and link in Ask question

v1.5.1 Released 09/09/2020

  • IMPROVED: Swipe on product video, 3d AR


  • FIXED: External/Affiliate product metafields

  • FIXED: Small CSS issue

v1.5 Released 02/09/2020

  • ADDED: Option allows replace product when editing in cart

  • ADDED: Options allows customize lazyload image

  • FIXED: Error when using app Translate Translation API Shopify

  • ADDED: Demo Cosmetics

  • ADDED: Demo Eyeglasses

  • ADDED: Demo Sport

  • IMPLEMENT: Remove estimate shipping time on out of stock products

  • ADDED: Share on WhatsApp in Social Media

  • ADDED: Enable/Disable Breadcrumb

  • ADDED: Show or hidden Sale label based on variants

  • ADDED: Section banner custom 2

v1.4.3 Released 13/08/2020

  • FIXED: Swipe product image on mobile

  • FIXED: Small variant issue

  • ADDED: Color config for loading bar

v1.4.2 Release 12/08/2020

  • ADDED: Option Frequently Bought Together on inside or outside Description

  • ADDED: Enable/disable social on Footer

  • FIXED: Error when click load more button, page scroll to the bottom

  • ADDED: Count in filter product options

  • ADDED: Checkbox in password page

  • FIXED: Label smaller on mobile

  • ADDED: Password page support email marketing platform

  • FIXED: FBT change variant product error in Safari

  • FIXED: Hard to use while dragging the slider on IOS 11

  • ADDED: Section Store information

  • ADDED: Section Search

v1.4.1 Release 31/07/2020

  • ADDED: Home Kid & Accessories

  • FIXED: Variant image not showing on quick view, quick shop

v1.4 Release 24/07/2020

  • ADDED: Instagram feed API via APP

  • FIXED: Small issue in the filter by product options

  • ADDED: Color for sub-text

  • FIXED: Tab style 7 on mobile

  • ADDED: sale label in Search page

  • FIXED: a small issue from auto add tag

  • FIXED: a small issue from Ajax Mailchimp and Klavyio

  • ADDED: section collection banner

  • ADDED: Featured product section

  • FIXED: Issue from Frequently Bought Together when change the variant

  • FIXED: Hero video section

  • INTEGRATED: Growave

  • INTEGRATED: Infinite Options

  • ADDED: Show full description, short description in the Product summary

  • ADDED: New Bag , Fashion Trend and Lingeries home page

V1.3 Release 08/07/2020

  • ADDED: Easy Metafield Editor Check more about this feature at

  • ADDED: Filter by product options Check more about this feature at

  • ADDED: Home Yoga

  • ADDED: Home Plant

  • ADDED: Home Organic

  • ADDED: Section newsletter 2, new style for testimonials, new blog post design (For home Furniture)

  • ADDED: New back to top style

  • ADDED: Show category tab to 1st position

  • ADDED: Custom CSS option

  • ADDED: Mobile open submenu by clicking to icon

V1.2 Release 13/06/2020

  • ADDED: Home one product store - DEMO

  • ADDED: Home Handmade - DEMO

  • ADDED: Shake time config for sticky add to cart

  • OPTIMIZED: Grouped on mobile We optimize a layout for grouped product on mobile to looks better

  • ADDED: Instagram section with new API

    • The first thing you need to do is connecting your Instagram account with your Shopify online store. Our theme provides you 2 connection methods to feed your Instagram photos: Via GraphQL API (new Instagram API), Via Legacy API. We recommend you to select 'User's photos via GraphQL (New Instagram API)' option.

    • NOTE: if you already have an Instagram Access Token generated before February 2020 using Pixel Union Instagram Access Token Generator, please select the data source 'User's photos (via Legacy API)'.

    • NOTE: As of March 31st, 2020, the Instagram platform will be deprecating its Legacy API. The Pixel Union Instagram Access Token Generator is no longer available for use. If you are using Instagram Access Token generated by Pixel Union, please beware that all access tokens from the Pixel Union tool will be impacted.

    • NOTE: Via GraphQL API (new Instagram API) Long-lived tokens are valid for 60 days. You will have to manually regenerate your access token.

  • ADDED: New feature on Product Description tab

It allows you add a custom tab for a special product, you have to use tag to manage it. For example I want to show tab Celebrations for one product. So from a product tags, I will add a tag tabt4_Celebrations From theme customize, I added a custom tab and choose a Page content for this tab.

  • ADDED: Section Text columns with images

  • ADDED: FAQs section

  • FIXED: Meta keyword

  • ADDED: New translate languages

  • ADDED: Disable description tab

V1.1 Released 29/05/2020

  • ADDED: Home Flower

  • ADDED: Home Medical

  • ADDED: Home Handmade

  • ADDED: Prevent Copying

  • OPTIMIZED: Cart (do not allow change quantity to 0 exception click to remove button)

  • ADDED: Falling Snow Effect

  • ADDED: Advance Product Type

  • ADDED: Enable/Disable dynamic checkout button in the Quickshop

  • ADDED: Cart Expires Countdown

  • OPTIMIZE: UX, UI shopping cart widget

  • FIXED: Currency round

  • ADDED: One more button style

  • OPTIMIZED: Search page

  • OPTIMIZED: Link for whole slider

  • OPTIMIZED: Add option for slider, allow open link in new tab

  • OPTIMIZED: Product swatch

  • OPTIMIZED: Add content position for mobile in slider section

  • ADDED: New FAQs style

  • ADDED: Continue Shopping on cart page

  • ADDED: Turn off zoom feature on section banner

  • ADDED: Background for button in section banner

  • ADDED: New header layout

  • OPTIMIZED: count circle on mobile bar

  • UPDATED: Language translate files: De, Es, Fr, It, Lv,Ms, Pt, Sv, Tr, Vi

  • ADDED: Product sidebar description

V1.0.2 Released 05/05/2020

  • ADDED: Disable Select Option button in product grid

  • ADDED: Link for slider image

  • ADDED: Default text when disable variant as default

  • FIXED: Exit popup issue

  • FIXED: Variant image not showing

  • FIXED: Sale popup not showing

  • FIXED: Video not working

  • FIXED: Variant issue

  • FIXED: Shopify font heading not update the config

  • FIXED: Can not scroll product image on mobile

V1.0.1 Released 04/26/2020

  • ADDED: Video and 3D for products

  • ADDED: Sticky filter on mobile

  • ADDED: Read More link on short description

  • FIXED: Custom color Infinity icon lazy load

  • FIXED: Share button telegram

  • FIXED: Currency Notification Text

  • FIXED: Select Option in product grid item

  • FIXED: Logo issue

  • FIXED: Quick checkout use primary color

  • FIXED: Loading bar use primary color

  • FIXED: Mobile Lookbook page issue

  • FIXED: Footer social link

  • OPTIMIZED: performance

  • OPTIMIZED: size chart

  • ADDED: Image upload for vertical categories

  • OPTIMIZED: Move frequently bought together outside tab

  • OPTIMIZED: Cart sidebar (Add CANCEL button below SAVE)

  • FIXED: Edge browse now showing image

  • ADDED: Sub collection page

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