Product 360 View Gallery
This function will give your product media a better and more professional look!
If you want your product contains this kind of media, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Prepare images

Actually, this option will help you merge images to create a short video. The 360° view gallery will be completely based on your media (images), you should add a reasonable number of images to show all product aspects. Here is an example:

Step 2: Add Tag

  • Product images will be divided into 2 parts including having a tag and no tag.
  • You only can put a 360° product viewer in the end of the thumbnail and only need to add the tag to the first image of 360° product media.
After choosing a product, you must add the tag to only the first image:
From images which zoned on image (it's 360 images), Only fill in "nt_360" for the first 360 image.
All 360 images have the same size (It's mean : have the same width & height ).

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Step 1: Prepare images
Step 2: Add Tag
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