Filter Sidebar Config

Sections > Collections sidebar
Click to Add content to add type of contents which you want to show.

There are 2 type of Filter:

-1: Fiter by tags
-2: Filter by keyword

Type 1: Tags

Admin> Go to Product Settings > Add tags for profuct

Type 2: Keyword

Admin> Go to Product Settings> Add tags for product. When you use this type of Filter, you need to select a key word. I choose "Total" is my keyword. add the keyword you choose before each of tags, like this Note: The number word of key word is only 1 word
Result: Enter the Keyword only

Custom color variation

Go to Product Setting of a product > Add more some variants
Go to Section > Custom color variation > Add choose color

Type 1: One color

Type 2: Two colors

Type 3: Image


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