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1 - Meta Keywords for Home Page (SEO)

This section makes your website easier to find with the google search engine when customers want to find a certain product depend on the keywords that customers enter.
If the keywords in this section are related to the keywords that customers want to search, your page will appear in the search results.
Define the author of a Shop.

2 - Shop Settings

  • Google Maps API key (required): You need enter an API key here to use our Google Map element.
  • Enable Import demo: When tick on option, site will show tab 'Import Demo'. You can disable it to page admin loading quicker.
  • Use RTL: Support RTL languages with one click to turn on:
RTL <Right to Left> on
  • Show additional checkout buttons: Once your customer click on it, they will go to Checkout page.
  • Show Scroll Back To Top

3 - Catalog Mode

Enable catalog mode: You can hide all ‘Add to cart’ buttons, cart widget, cart pages. This will allow you to showcase your products as an online catalog without ability to make a purchase.
Operation Only available when enable catalog mode.

4 - Product Item Setting

  • Use wishlist: You can easily add the desired category of products to this theme by installing our free Nitro Wishlist app.
  • Use Quick view
  • After you click to “Quick view” button:
  • Enable Prevent Copying: Prevent Image and Content Theft from Your Website.
  • Enable falling snow effect: Using this function for winter.
  • Use rating homepage
  • Review app
  • Price varies settings

5 - Quick Shop Settings

  • Use quick shop: Tick to show quickshop.
  • Swatch design setting: Choose style to show variants.
  • When you click to Quick shop:
    • Variants with rectangle
    • Variants with radio
    • Variant with radio full width with color
    • Variant with rectangle with color
    • Variant simple with color
    • Swatch color setting for : Select layout to show swatch.

6 - Products Color Homepage Settings

Products color homepage will show here
  • Use color?
  • Swatch layout setting
    • Swatch color (Default or Upload): This function only show color.
    • Swatch image variant: This function show image varient for each product.
  • Swatch size for Design variants with color
  • Swatch style

7 - Label Settings

Sale label is showed up when a product has Compare Price <attached>
Hot label is showed up when a product has tag 'hot'
New label is showed up when a product is recently updated
  • Label shape
  • Use sale label: Tick on to show sale label.
  • Sale label style: There are 2 types.
Text label
Precantage label

8 - Agree to terms and conditions newsletter (GDPR Compliant)

9 - Aspect ratio custom setting

You can upload image, and you have 4 choices radio custom.

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1 - Meta Keywords for Home Page (SEO)
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6 - Products Color Homepage Settings
7 - Label Settings
8 - Agree to terms and conditions newsletter (GDPR Compliant)
9 - Aspect ratio custom setting
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