Frequently Bought Together

You want to sell more products at this time. You want to increase revenues, decrease inventory, and increase sales. It’s not too difficult if you use Frequently Bought Together. Put yourself in the customers’ shoes. You want to buy some products, but you have a limited budget. Or perhaps you want to find some products but don’t know where to begin. Using Frequently Bought Together. will help customers easily get suggested and discounted products. The conversion rate will be pushed.


  • If your Main Products is sold out, the Bundle WILL NOT show although you have followed all steps correctly.

  • If the Products in package is sold out, they will be hidden automatically from the Frequently Bought Together.

1. Show Frequently Bought Together Inside or Outside Description

To select the position of FBT, please click on Theme Settings > Product Page > Product Features > Position Frequently Bought Together: Inside Description or Outside Description.

With Inside Description Position, you need to add Frequently Bought Together block into Tab Descriptions and Product Features select Inside Description.

2. Configure Frequently Bought Together Feature

2.1. Create Menu

  • From Shopify Admin > Online store > Navigation > Add Menu.

  • Enter a random name for the Title. However, you have to copy handle link of the main product (the product has package) and paste it on handle of this Menu.

  • Add Menu Items > Enter name of the product that will be on the package > Enter link that is linked to the product and then Save.

Note: Where can you get handle link of main product? From Shopify Admin > Products > Search and Click on the main product > Navigate to Search engine listing preview > Copy URL handle.

2.2. Add Tag For Frequently Bought Together

  • Back to Shopify Admin > Products > Search and Edit main product > Navigate to Tags > Enter “fbtt4_main product handle” (for example fbtt4_ruched-satin-dress).

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