Header Menu Config

1. Base Item

This is a simple menu item, you can choose the URL to redirect when the customers click on the item.

Go to Header inline > Add block > Base Item

Then you can config for the Base item:

2. Dropdown Item

With Dropdown Item, it allows you to select only one menu to show as a dropdown.

Go to Header inline > Add block > Dropdown Item

Then you can add Link, Menu for the Dropdown item:

3. Mega menu

Mega menu is a type of expandable menu in which multiple choices are displayed in a drop-down layout. It is a great design choice to accommodate a large number of options or to display lower-level pages that appear in the menu Header.

3.1. Connect Header Inline and Mega Menu

To create Mega menu, you need to connect the Mega Item of Header Inline and Mega Parent of the Mega Menu by a corresponding ID.

There is a total of 16 IDs here, from #1 to #16. You just need to choose the same ID for Mega Menu and Mega Item to connect them.

For example, Header Inline: Mega Item - Demo ID to connect is #2; the mega menu to connect with Header needs to set ID #2 in Mega Menu (parent).

3.2. How to config Mega menu with blocks?

Mega menus have 11 blocks:

  • Mega Menu (Parent)

  • Linklist (child)

  • Linklist 2 ( child )

  • Product (child)

  • Product loop (child)

  • Collection (child)

  • Collection list (child)

  • Banner (child)

  • Banner text (Child)

  • HTML ( child )

  • Blogs (child)

To the mega menu work normally, you need to a Parent block - Mega Menu and then have the Child blocks.

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